Loyalty programs have grown in importance as grocers work to convey to customers that they are on their side — not inflation’s.

How grocers have leaned into loyalty

Getty Images; Albertsons’ Flavor Adventure

Grocers are working overtime to find ways to show customers they are on their side as inflation continues to take its toll and food retailers shoulder much of the blame.

Loyalty programs seem to hold the key as grocers across the country launch programs for the first time or bolster their existing ones. 

For example, Sprouts Farmers Market, which has taken a variety of steps to revamp its operations in recent years, including launching a smaller store format, is preparing to launch its first loyalty program later this year.

Starting earlier this month, Albertsons converted its loyalty program to a point-based system and started allowing shoppers to earn points for two months rather than just one month. Customers will also have the option of converting points to cash at checkout. 

Even Aldi has joined the loyalty program conversation. Last week, the discounter dropped a spoof membership program, reminding shoppers that “exclusive memberships aren’t an Aldi thing” because of its everyday low prices.

Here’s a roundup of Grocery Dive coverage from this year highlighting grocers’ loyalty program efforts. 

  • Raley’s launches sampling box for loyal customers By Catherine Douglas Moran • Nov. 1, 2023
  • Big Y debuts new loyalty program By Peyton Bigora • Sept. 25, 2023



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