As the category continues to try to reinvent itself, the company’s new generation of product is now available for consumers to try.

Beyond Meat’s revamped burger hits shelves

Permission granted by Beyond Meat

Dive Brief:

  • Beyond Meat launched its Beyond IV Burger and Beef in grocery stores nationwide on Thursday. 
  • This is the company’s fourth generation of products and its “tastiest and most nutritious yet,” the company said. The launch follows the expansion of the company’s portfolio including Beyond Crumbles and Beyond Steak, which are also both certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check program. 
  • “I anticipate a significant shift in how consumers perceive Beyond Meat and its offerings. Our latest innovations are poised to be a game changer, especially for those who were previously skeptical about plant-based meats,” said Joy Bauer, Beyond Meat nutrition advisor who is also a registered dietitian, in an email to Food Dive.

Dive Insight:

Plant-based meats have come under fire for having lengthy ingredient lists. This year, some of the big industry players are trying to change that perception through marketing and ingredient lists.

Beyond Meat executives told Food Dive in a visit to its headquarters that the company focused on and implemented guidance from nutritionists, dietitians and consumer feedback when it came to reformulating their products.

“When I initially met with Founder and CEO Ethan Brown, I proposed several substantive changes aimed at enhancing the health profile of their products,” said Bauer, “This included substituting coconut and canola oils with heart-healthy avocado oil.”

Other changes to the plant-based meats which hit shelves today include where the product gets most of its plant protein from, which is now peas, fava beans, brown rice and red lentils instead of pea protein isolate. 

Premiumization of the product, though, will also mean a higher price tag. But the company believes its customers are willing to pay up for a healthier product. 

“We know that health is the #1 driver to the plant-based meat category, and Beyond Meat is listening to consumers and delivering what they’re looking for,” said Bauer. 

The category overall is experiencing a shift to cleaner ingredients. 

Daring, a plant-based chicken company, advertises as having just six ingredients, while Meati uses 95% mushroom root, a cult-favorite ingredient that touts health benefits like improvement in heart health and digestion. 

Bauer said that in order to determine if a product truly belongs to the better-for-you category, she examines the ingredients themselves, to determine if they are healthy and wholesome. Then, she checks the nutrition facts panel to ensure that there is not an excessive amount of added sugar, saturated fat, or sodium.

“Beyond Meat is leading the charge, but I expect (and hope) others will follow our lead,” she said.



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