The rare tuber variety from Hungary could be a “game-changing alternative to sugar” due to its unique taste and intense sweetness, according to MycoTechnology.

Ingredients in Focus: Honey truffle sweetener

Permission granted by MycoTechnology

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MycoTechnology, a company that trailblazed mushroom research and ingredient innovation, last year found a natural sweetener that could be derived from the highly sought-after honey truffle. 

Found in Hungary, honey truffles are a rare variety of tuber — storage organs for nutrients in some plants — that have a distinct taste compared to other truffles. 

The discovery of the sweet protein from honey truffle could be a “game-changing alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners that could reduce global sugar consumption and build towards a healthier future,” according to MycoTechnology.

Last week, honey truffle sweetener achieved new technical and safety milestones, bringing it closer to market, the company said in a release to Food Dive.

The protein is not considered to be allergenic or toxic and is fully digestible by humans, according to new safety evaluations released this month by MycoTechnology. Instead of being absorbed in its original form, the sweetener breaks down into amino acids found in other protein sources such as meat, fish and eggs. 

“This breakthrough ushers in a new era of clean label sweeteners, revolutionizing the way we create foods and beverages without relying on traditional sugar or artificial sweeteners,” said Alan Hahn, MycoTechnology’s former CEO, in a statement. 

The Colorado-based company isolates the sweet protein using precision fermentation technology. The result is a unique taste and potency up to 2,500 times sweeter than sucrose. 

MycoTechnology wants to work with “major industry partners.” It expects the protein to be available for testing and development later this year.



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